Manual Angle Blade


WBM Manual Angle Blades are used in conditions where straight and angled dozing, grading or general clearing is required. They provide an economical alternative to Hydraulic Angle Blades, with the angling operation done manually rather than hydraulically. Manual angle blades can be operated in three positions: 25 degrees angled left, 25 degrees angled right, and in the straight position. When in the straight blade position, the Wheel Loader linkage enables the operator to pitch a blade forward or back to alter the grading or cutting ability of the blade.

  • Proven and tested moldboard profiles
  • Maximum blade widths and heights to match application and machine capability
  • Quick-change angle pins and link
  • Adjustable skid shoes
  • Center drilled reversible bolt-on edges
  • Available with KAT, WLKAT or OEM pin-on lugs


  • Cost-effective alternative to a Hydraulic Angle Blade
  • Moldboard profiles that provide optimum material 'rolling' or carrying characteristics for every application
  • Blade widths designed in 12" increments from 120" and up depending on machine width and application to ensure tire coverage when angled
  • Change from left to right to straight quickly by removing pins and positioning link
  • Skid shoes offer stability to increase cutting edge wear life and improve grading characteristics
  • Maximum wear life of bolt-on edge material