U/V Angle Blade


The WBM U/V Angle Blade is the most versatile blade available for a Motor Grader. It has the capabilities of operating as a Straight Blade, Angle Blade, U-Blade, or V-Plow. They are used extensively for snow removal and are extremely useful due to their functionality. Auxiliary hydraulics are utilized, along with an optional diverter valve to enable operator controlled blade changes between all four configurations. The U/V Angling Blade is available in either KAT Master Hitch or Integral Lift Group designs.

  • Reinforced tubular pivot frame
  • Proven and tested moldboard profiles
  • 130 degree U-blade angle
  • 230 degree V-blade angle
  • 25 degree blade angling capability left or right
  • Varied moldboards widths and heights


  • Rugged tubular pivot frame design increases durability and work life to match heavy snowfall removal operations
  • Moldboard profiles provide excellent snow removal or carrying characteristics
  • 130 degree U-blade angle supplies exceptional snow carrying capabilities to push or pile snow
  • 210 degree V-blade position provides outstanding "piercing" traits in high drift or large accumulation snow areas
  • Side casting or windrowing is easily done utilizing the 25 degree blade angle position
  • Moldboard widths from 10 ft to 13 ft match most machine capacities and requirements


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