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WBM Bucket Forks quickly change a Wheel Loader from excavating to material handling. Bucket Forks are two fork tines assembled on one hanger shaft that is attached to the bucket spill sheet by hook type lugs or pin-on lugs. When not in use, the forks can be unhooked and released (hook-type lugs).


  • High strength (100,000 psi yield) steel fork tine construction
  • High strength alloy hanger shafts
  • Hook-type or pin-on lug types
  • Increased utilization of machine to quickly change to a material handler


  • 100,000 psi yield two-piece fork tines with durable eyes
  • High strength alloy shaft for easy tine adjustment


  • Different size tines are available for any fork rack to match the application and machines capabilities
  • Standard taper, full taper and polished tines



*Due to the highly customizable nature of our products, some of the images shown on our website may not depict our standard offerings.
Your heavy equipment dealer or WBM representative can provide details and related specifications for all of our products.

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