Pin-Grabber Coupler

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WBM Triple Lock ‘Pin-Grabber’ Couplers incorporate enhanced safety features for fast attachment change-out from the comfort and safety of your machine.


  • Designed and developed by Oriel, the Triple Lock PG Coupler is manufactured to all relevant safety standards worldwide
    • EN 474-1; 2007+A3; 2013 compliant
    • EN ISO 4413; 2010
    • 2006/42/EC Machine Directive
  • Minimizes potential safety issues and machine downtime as the operator remains in the cab to complete attachment changes
  • Manufactured with high strength steels for superior quality and wear performance
  • Wear indicators indicate when maintenance is required
  • Durability and reliability are guaranteed as a result of extensive testing and quality control procedures
  • Designed to give the operator clear visibility and reassurance when attachments are in the locked position
  • Fully automated locking system – no manual intervention required to secure or release attachments
  • Heavy duty “certified” lift eye for additional functionality
  • Can pick up attachments in reverse (shovel configuration)
  • Each coupler is supplied with a full installation kit and one set of attachment pins
  • Designed to fit excavators from 15 to 30T, and work with all WBM PG thumbs, buckets and attachments


  • Front Lock - Hooks to front pin
  • Rear Lock - Extends to engage on rear pin
  • Dead Lock - Activated when the cylinder extends into its final position and locks the front lock in position; Dead lock saddle-machined into side plate of coupler prevents front hook from disengaging the pin unless the cylinder is retracted under hydraulic pressure


  • Pilot operated check valve ensures cylinder can only be operated when hydraulic pressure is available
  • Integrate pressure sensing system on the bucket curl circuit ensures that the attachment can only be released with positive hydraulic pressure
  • The spring ensures that even in the event of complete hydraulic failure the front latch cannot release