The Weldco Hydra-Lift 23-ton crane, WHL23TC75, is a mid-capacity crane with a three-stage boom that extends to 75 feet. Introduced in 2004, the model continues to be popular with a wide range of industries that appreciate its durable and rugged design.


  • 23-ton lifting capacity
  • (30,000 lbs at 10’ radius)
  • 75’ boom length (85’ sheave height)
  • 12,000 lb planetary winch
  • External drive swing box with eccentric ring backlash adjustment
  • Load moment indicator (LMI) and shutdown system available
  • Two speed winch motor can easily change between high and low speed for precise control and job efficiency
  • Large gear teeth prevent gear tooth breakage
  • External mount provides easy and instant service ability for maintenance and adjustment
  • Digital wireless weight indicator is available to inform the operator what the load is
  • LMI can be added and wired directly to the shut down valve to prevent overloading of the crane


  • Continuous rotation swivel, includes 4 electrical slip rings
  • Fixed swing around jib, stows along side of boom
  • Snatch and crane blocks for multi-part line operation
  • Tractor Mount Package” for operating controls from behind the crane
  • Hydraulic tank heater (hot water)
  • Digital radio weight indicator
  • Boom lights
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