Customer Service Policy

Effective Date: July, 2021


Weldco Companies is committed to ensuring equal access and opportunity for people with disabilities by providing appropriate accommodations. We will remove and prevent barriers to accessibility by meeting applicable accessibility requirements, Human Rights Codes and other applicable legislation in our operating jurisdictions.



  • This policy applies to all Ontario-based employees, customers and third parties who deal with the public on behalf of Weldco-Beales (Weldco).


  • Weldco communicates with people with disabilities in ways that take into account their disability. We will work with the person with disabilities to determine what method of communication works for them.

Assistive Devices, Support Persons and Service Animals

  • Weldco welcomes people with disabilities and their support persons and service animals, in the spaces that are open to the public and third parties. Some areas of our shops may be excluded, when it would impede on the health or safety of the person with a disability and/or our other employees.
  • People with disabilities may use their personal assistive devices except where the device presents a significant and unavoidable health or safety concern.
  • If such a health or safety concern exists, we will communicate the reason with the person with a disability and work with the person with a disability to find an alternative way to meet their needs.

Notice of Temporary Disruption

  • In the event of a disruption to service or facilities for customers with disabilities, Weldco will notify customers promptly, with information about the reason and anticipated duration, by:
    • Posting a notice at entryway(s)
    • Contacting customers who are known to be intending to be onsite during the time of disruption
    • If applicable, posting a notice on our website.

Feedback Process

  • Weldco welcomes feedback about our accessible customer service. Feedback will assist us in identifying barriers and in responding to concern.
  • Feedback can be provided via the contact form on our website, or by calling the Main Office line of the applicable branch.