EX Falling Object Protection Systems (FOPS)

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WBM’s FOPS (Falling Object Protection Systems) are designed to protect the excavator cab and operator from falling objects in dangerous environments. FOPS are used primarily in the demolition, forestry, and construction industries.

Prior to release for manufacture, all WBM FOPS are destruction-tested on our Structural Performance Test Stand located in Langley, British Columbia and are compliant with the rigid industry standards as specified by WCB.


  • WCB compliant
  • Hinged front window guarding for extra operator protection
  • Rubber mounts
  • Handrail on roof for 3 point contact ingress/egress
  • Curved front to match the profile of the cab
  • LH rear post moved to allow operator’s door to latch open
  • Vertical window bars angled out to provide clear line of sight
  • Hinged skylight panel over roof protective grid can be opened without compromising protection
  • Access factory cab air filter without removing LH rear
  • Operator safety in dangerous environments


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