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The Hydra-Lift HL30TC70 30-ton lifting capacity and short stowed boom length makes it ideal for heavy work in the oilpatch. This crane can be mounted on either a single or double steering axle chassis.

  • 30-ton lifting capacity (36,500 lbs at 10’ radius)
  • 59’ boom length (70’ sheave height)
  • 25’ retracted boom length
  • 15,000 lb planetary winch with integral brake
  • 3 section fully proportional boom
  • Planetary drive rotation gear box
  • A-frame link style main outriggers
  • Dual control consoles and platforms
  • High strength box construction, welded booms for maximum strength to weight ratio
  • Standard audible capacity alert system
  • Standard audible outrigger warning alarm
  • Fixed swing around jib, stows along side of boom
  • Snatch block and crane blocks for multi-part line operation
  • “Tractor Mount Package” for operating controls from behind the crane
  • “Deck Mount” oil reservior available for Tractor package
  • Hydraulic tank heater
  • Digital radio weight indicator
  • Boom lights

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