WL KAT Master Hitch

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WBM KAT (Kwik-a-Tach) Master Hitch is the centerpiece product that increases versatility of wheel loaders by allowing quick and easy inter-changeability of attachments.

By installing KAT hooks or lugs in place of the factory or OEM pin-on lugging on an attachment, the KAT Master Hitch is capable of changing the attachment utilizing a hydraulic or manual lock pin system. Hydraulically operating the KAT Master Hitch enables the operator to change the attachments without leaving the cab of the machine.


  • Designed to pin-on the boom and linkages using OEM specifications
  • Utilizes a top round bar and horizontal lock pin for lug hook-up
  • Allows inter-changeability of attachments manufactured for that machine
  • Decreases time spent in change attachments
  • Variety of master hitches available to match any quick attach lug


  • Hydraulically actuated lock pins
  • Heavy duty frame
  • One double acting cylinder


  • Manually operated lock pins
  • A four hook KAT Master Hitch is available for machines to help stabilize large attachments
  • Third Valve Power Beyond Kit*
* A Third Valve Power Beyond Kit is a method of using the loader’s 3rd valve to operate both the cylinder and a hydraulic function on the attachment.


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