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A WBM Five Pocket Parallelogram Ripper is primarily used for ripping or breaking compact ground to allow the grading of loose or ‘ripped’ material. This attachment is predominately found in road building applications where the grader can be first used for breaking and then secondly grading the ‘ripped’ material.


  • Heavy-duty cylinder and parallel linkage lift group
  • Heavy-duty tool bar and pocket design
  • Five pocket design
  • Heavy-duty frame with stabilizer bars
  • The robust design of the ripper allows for deep penetration ground breaking
  • Provides increased ground penetration and ‘pull-out’ forces for shanks
  • 5-pocket design enables different positions for 1 to 5 shanks


  • Heavy-duty frame and cylinder
  • Robust toolbar with five, high-strength pockets
  • Three ripper shanks with replaceable tips


  • Scarifier pockets can be added for road maintenance and breaking ice



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