With a 45-ton lifting capacity, combined with 125’ reach and a sub-frame suitable for fifth wheel installation, the Hydra-Lift WHL45TC125 Swing Cab Cranes offer heavy lifting and versatility.

Out and down outriggers with independently operated horizontal extension cylinders and vertical jack cylinders, give the operator true stability on uneven surfaces or in tight locations. The fully equipped cab provides the operator with a comfortable working environment in all weather conditions. Mounted on a tandem steer tri-drive rear axle chassis with fifth wheel, or single steer tri-drive rear axle chassis, or tandem steer tandem drive rear axle chassis without fifth wheel, WHL45TC125 Cranes are truly capable of heavy lifting and heavy hauling.


  • 45-ton lifting capacity (80,000 lbs at 10’ radius)
  • 135’ tip height (fully extended)
  • 4 section 125’ fully proportional boom
  • 38.6’ retracted length
  • Continuous 360° rotation
  • Tapered rear sub frame for fifth wheel installation
  • Out and down outriggers
  • Dual fan oil cooler
  • Pre-wired boom and cab for LED work lights
  • New cab design with electric controls
  • Designed and tested to CSA Z-150 standards
  • 15,000 lb, 2 speed grooved drum planetary winch with integral brake for high efficiency and security, includes cable packer
  • High strength box construction, welded booms for maximum strength to weight ratio
  • A2B and LMI system with digital radio weight indicator
  • Remote Monitoring Video System: two cameras and one in-cab colour display (view right rear outriggers and winches)
  • 40-ton four-sheave crane block (Easy Reeve)
  • Hydraulic tank heater


*Due to the highly customizable nature of our products, some of the images shown on our website may not depict our standard offerings.
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