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WBM One Way Snow Plows are used for side-casting snow to the right hand side at slow or high speeds. At high speeds, the unique moldboard curvature forces the snow to follow the moldboard taper and funnel out the right hand discharge end.


  • Tapered moldboard profile with proven curvature
  • Rib reinforced moldboard
  • High strength tube mainframe construction
  • Centre drilled reversible bolt-on edges
  • Available with WLKAT or OEM pin-on lugs
  • Adjustable skid shoes
  • High-speed snow clearing and throwing capability
  • Durability and strength in design
  • Skid shoes increase cutting edge wear life and grading characteristics


  • Bolt-on reversible cutting edges to promote wear lift of the blade


  • Wear resistant cutting edges (i.e. carbide) for extreme and high wear conditions
  • Rubber flaps bolted to the top of the moldboard to prevent snow from rolling up and over the blade
  • Warning flags for improved safety measures


*Due to the highly customizable nature of our products, some of the images shown on our website may not depict our standard offerings.
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