EX Tree Length (Butt-n-Top) Grapple

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WBM’s Tree Length (Butt-n-Top) Grapples load, unload, sort and pile tree length wood with a log loader or standard excavator machine configuration.



  • Individually controlled hydraulic outriggers stabilize load
  • Strong light weight body
  • Large diameter pins for greater durability
  • Powerful sorting or bunching jaws
  • 360° continuous rotation
  • Totally enclosed for internal component protection
  • Enables loading from the side or front
  • Outriggers provide easier level loading
  • Maximum productivity of excavator/log loader


  • Tilt cylinder turret
  • Pivot frame
  • High pressure heavy-duty cylinders
  • Two outriggers
  • High pressure swivel
  • Pin-on lugs
  • Rugged, high torque motors
  • FlexDrive system


  • Valve-in-head
  • V or U shaped outriggers
  • Bunching or Sorting jaws
  • Bucket linkage lugging
  • Shortwood jaw option
  • Extended tool cylinder to use factory cylinder anchor with removal of bucket linkage
  • Tilt cylinder and cylinder anchor


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