WL Cable Reeler/Handler

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WBM Cable Reelers/Handlers are designed to handle the cable reel during winding and unwinding of the electrical power cable used by electric shovels in mining applications. Our Cable Reelers are available in various configurations and sizes to suit your needs.


  • Fairlead style in either integral or quick attach configuration
  • Hydraulic motor controlled roller chain reel drive
  • Five roller Fairlead Head
  • Fairlead Head positioned by hydraulic winch
  • All control valves included
  • Hydraulic tilt for Fairlead angle available
  • Round or octagonal drums
  • Heavy-duty hydraulic direct gear drive
  • Loader quick coupler hook-on or direct pin-on
  • Optional cable lay-out boom with grapples for laying and retrieving cable


  Standard Cable Capacity 
   Steel Drum Dimensions*  
300m of up to 2.25" OD Trailing Cable
    OD 76"; ID 36"
400m of up to 3.50" OD Trailing Cable
    OD 94"; ID 56"
600m of up to 4" OD Trailing Cable
    OD 106"; ID 66"
*Steel drum is not included with CR300 and CR400.
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