CD Brush Rake

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WBM Crawler Dozer Brush Rakes are utilized in typical land clearing applications. It’s purpose is to pile brush and debris, leaving the soil or dirt behind to permit a clean burn. They are a multi-tine design with different spacing options available. Brush Rakes come in pin-on or clip-on style mounts. Pin-on mounts attach to the factory C-Frame, while clip-on mounts attach to the factory dozer blade.


  • Multi-tine design with a curved profile to promote brush collection
  • Replaces blade with C-frame hook-up design
  • Various widths to match machine size and application
  • Piles brush without collecting soil to promote clean brush pile burning
  • Increases machine utilization over manual labour


  • T-100 (A-514) steel tines
  • Replaceable tips
  • C-frame hook-up