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WBM Parallelogram Rippers for Crawler Dozers are used to ‘rip’ or break up compacted or frozen ground to enable easier grading, dozing or stockpiling operations to take place.

The parallelogram ripper utilizes steel shanks with penetration style tips positioned in a hydraulically raised and lowered tool bar. The ripper is mounted to the rear of the dozer to enable the machine to pull the shanks through the ground.


  • Hydraulically activated parallelogram linkage design to raise and lower
  • 5 pocket – 3 shank tool bar
  • High strength, abrasion resistant steel ripper shanks
  • Factory machine mount capability
  • Maximum ground clearance
  • Parallelogram linkage maintains shank ‘rip’ angle through travel
  • Replaceable shanks, with replaceable tips
  • Adjustable depth position with shanks
  • Simple bolt-on installation, direct to machine
  • Excellent ground clearance for unloading and loading of machine on truck


  • Choice of two mounting positions
  • Main roller can be installed in the upper hole location for 3” higher lift



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