WL Coal Seam Bucket

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WBM Coal Seam Buckets are used for extracting coal from a bank or seam. Due to the rugged nature of coal seam extraction, the bucket is designed using high strength and abrasion resistant steel as its primary material. The design utilizes a spade nose base edge to increase penetration capability into the bank or seam.


  • Spade nose base edge design
  • Tapered floor construction
  • Increased spill guard length
  • Bucket capacities are designed per SAE J742 and are based on heaped capacities
  • Extreme or heavy duty GET hardware
  • Available with OEM pin-on lugs
  • Increased durability and wear life from high strength and abrasion resistant material
  • Spade nose base edge increases penetration into the seam or bank
  • Tapered floor construction provides excellent loading characteristics
  • Extended spill guard provides material support and prevents material "spillover" that can cause machine damage


  • 450 Brinell base edge, leading edge, exterior cheek plate, interior shell liner, side seam wear strip and bolt-on/weld-on heel plates
  • 100,000 psi shell
  • Reinforced 1 piece under shell support and rib configuration
  • OEM pin-on lugging


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