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WBM Wheel Loader Coal Buckets (stockpiling) are used to load hoppers, conveyors, trucks or train cars from mined or loose coal stockpiles. Due to the increased payload expectancy, WBM Coal buckets are typically 15-20% larger in capacity than Coal Seam buckets.


  • 400 Brinell and 44,000 psi material construction
  • Straight or semi-spade nose base edge configuration
  • Tapered floor construction
  • Increased spill guard length
  • Bucket capacities are designed per SAE J742 and are based on heaped capacities
  • Heavy duty GET hardware
  • Larger capacity increases machine productivity
  • Increased durability and wear life from abrasion resistant material
  • Tapered floor construction provides excellent loading characteristics
  • Extended spill guard provides material support and prevents material "spillover" that can cause machine damage


  • 450 Brinell spade nose base edge, leading edge, external cheek plate, side seam wear strip, weld-on mid-length heel plates and weld-on heel plates
  • Reinforced one piece under shell support and rib configuration
  • OEM pin-on lugging


  • Drill base edge accepts segments for added protection
  • Bolt-on or weld-on side bar protectors on leading edge of bucket to extend wear life
  • Hard surface welding on cheek plates, interior of bucket, base edge, teeth and wear plates
  • 450 Brinell shell liner for extra abrasion resistance and wear lift
  • Extreme service GET for extra wear protection



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