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The WBM Excavator Chuck Blade is designed to move more material in less time than a conventional bucket. It has a 45° hydraulic tilt and is commonly used for clean-up and sloping, canals, pipelines, pavement stripping, basement work, and cement slab preparation.

Chuck Blades are designed to easily be switched out with WBM Twist-a-Buckets; remove three pins to change your attachment to suit the job.


  • Main pivot joint designed for maximum strength (four point hinge)
  • Increased pin diameters
  • 100,000 yield lugging
  • Grease seals and protected grease points
  • Hydraulic junction blocks located on lugs
  • Guarded hydraulic fittings
  • Cylinders positioned for maximum protection
  • Brinell 450 cheek plates and base edge supports
  • Bolt-on cutting edge with angled end bits
  • Optional bolt-on side boards
  • Compatible with WBM bucket clamps



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