EX Extreme Service Rock Bucket

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Designed for the toughest conditions, WBM’s Extreme Service Rock Bucket uses alloy steel throughout for high strength, durability and is impact/abrasion resistant.



  • Uses upsized materials ‘GET’ (‘Ground Engaging Tools’) including larger base edge, adapters and teeth, and is substantially stronger and tougher than a typical heavy duty product in the same class
  • Dual tapered design for superior loading capabilities; reduces cycle times by optimizing machine’s breakout and crowd forces
  • Combination wear protection: vertical and horizontal wear bars (wrapper plate) for optimum protection
  • Standard leading edge protectors, heel shrouds, outside cheek plates and weld-in liners for extended wear/service life and reduced maintenance costs


  • Customer preferred brand of tooth
  • ‘Chocky’ bar blocks and wear bars
  • Pin-on or quick-coupler lugging
  • Spade lip
  • Weld-on segments