MG Manual Angle Blade

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WBM Motor Grader Manual Angle Blades can be used for snow removal, land leveling, grading and dozing. The blade can be ‘pinned’ straight, 25° left or 25° right. The design utilizes an ‘on-board’ link, that is stored on the blade when in the straight position and ‘pinned’ in place when angled left or right.


  • Proven and tested moldboard profiles
  • Varying moldboard widths and heights (1' increments from 10')
  • 25° angle capability, left or right
  • Quick-change angle pins and link
  • Adjustable skid shoes
  • Center-drilled reversible bolt-on edges
  • Durable design
  • Cost-effective alternative to a Hydraulic Angle Blade
  • Moldboard profiles provide optimum material ‘rolling’ or carrying characteristics
  • Blade widths designed in 12” increments from 120” and up
  • Change from left to right to straight quickly by removing pins and positioning link
  • Skid shoes increase cutting edge wear life
  • Maximum usage of bolt-on edge material


  • KAT lugging
  • Bolt-on reversible cutting edges to promote wear life of the blade


  • Wear resistant cutting edges (ie: carbide) for extreme and high wear conditions


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