MG Snow Blade

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WBM Motor Grader Snow Blades are designed with an effective curvature that increases capacity and allows the ‘rolling’ action required to efficiently clear snow with ease.


  • Trip style moldboard design with a 42” standard height
  • Hydraulically angled 30° either direction
  • Equipped with side to side oscillation, fore/aft float capabilities, and skid shoes to allow the blade to follow irregular surface contours
  • Equipped with safety flags on each end of the blade
Note: also available without moldboard trip and float or oscillation features
  • 12’ standard width (other blade widths available in 12” increments)
  • Various hook-up (lugging) configurations available
  • Utilizes center-drilled reversible bolt-on cutting edges with bolt-on curb protectors and bolt-on blade saver guards to maximize cutting edge life


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