TR Snow Wing

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WBM Truck-Mounted Snow Wings increase a snow clearing path by an additional 5′ while maintaining a minimum turning radius with a short wheelbase truck. The moldboard varies in length and tapers out to accommodate the increasing load along its length.

The design also incorporates a mid-frame mount and compact mast assembly just forward of the passenger side tandem wheel. The rear brace assembly can be incorporated on a truck with or without a Pup hitch, and both wing mast and rear braces are removable for summer operations. The sweep angle of the wing can be manually or hydraulically changed to the desired position with the spring loaded, shock-absorbing pushpole. The wing is hydraulically raised or lowered utilizing one valve and requires an additional valve if equipped with an extendable push pole. The wing is also hydraulically locked to prevent down drift.


  • Superior visibility
  • Optimum boiling action
  • Manual adjustable push pole
  • One hydraulic valve operation
  • Mechanical float at intake and discharge ends


  • 9' and 10' blade lengths
  • Mid-Mounted or Front-Mounted design