V Bucket For Excavator – Ditching “V” Bucket

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The WBM V Bucket For Excavator is specially designed to enable users to dig at a safe side slope angle while generating a narrow ditching floor.

FEATURES & BENEFITS OF V Bucket For Excavator

  • Custom designed taper
  • One piece trapezoidal side plate
  • Removes only the minimum material required for ditching
  • Reduces the amount of fill material
  • Excellent clean-out capability


  • 100,000 yield WBM coupler lugging
  • 450 Brinell leading edge
  • 450 Brinell base edge
  • 450 Brinell horizontal wear bars
  • Reinforced corners


  • Teeth and adapters
  • Bolt-on cutting edge


*Due to the highly customizable nature of our products, some of the images shown on our website may not depict our standard offerings.
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