WL Mat Grapple

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The improved “Max-View” WBM Mat Grapple for wheel loaders is used to remove and place mats, which protect the environment and extend the construction season. This enables safe access for crews and heavy equipment.


  • Short back fork tines improve operator visibility of fork tines at ground and deck level
  • Low profile fork rack provides enhanced view to tine tips
  • Tall side plates provide increased load stability when transporting multiple mats
  • Full length fork positioning uses chain with a quick pin to support multiple fork tine positions
  • Larger hanger shaft design supports maximum mat carrying capability
  • Cylinder hoses routed through frame for improved protection
  • Removeable cover plate helps protect jump hose connections
  • Box-type overarm construction decreases weight, improves durability and visibility, while providing interference ‘free’ rollback
  • Available with WBM KAT or OEM standard lugging
  • Wide overarm with gripping teeth
  • Standard fork tine swing lock system
  • Standard mat grapple comes without lights, optional bolt-on light kit available


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