WL Snow Wings

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snow wingsWBM’s 10’ fully hydraulic snow wings for wheel loaders are an excellent match for high volume road clearing and shoulder cleaning applications.


  • Proven and tested snow wing moldboard profile provides optimum material transfer characteristics
  • Ergonomic single joystick control of snow wing hydraulic functions
  • Reversible bolt-on snow wing moldboard cutting edges
  • Snow wing pushpole park feature with retaining links allow a quick and safe storage position for the pushpole when the snow wing moldboard is removed
  • Snow wing pushpole has a quick release feature for easy snow wing removal
  • Modular design with a snow wing mast assembly that bolts to the angle blade push frame
Note: units with hydraulic extending push pole require three hydraulic circuits to operate the snow wing functions


  • Snow wing Moldboard Length: 120”
  • Snow wing Moldboard Height (front – rear): 30” – 36”
  • Snow wing Moldboard Cutting Edge: (2) ¾” x 6” x 60”
  • Snow wing Moldboard Cutting Edge Angle: 65°
  • Loader Snow wing Assembly Weight (without front blade group: 2400 lbs
  • Loader Snow wing Assembly Weight (with 12 foot front blade group): 8260 lbs
  • Snow wing Moldboard Float (Front): 6 “
  • Snow wing Moldboard Sweep Angle (from loader centerline): 35-45°
  • Maximum Wing Benching Height: 42”


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