WL Woodchip Bucket

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WBM Woodchip Buckets are the largest of the Light Material Buckets. Due to the lightweight nature of woodchips, this style of bucket is designed to handle very large capacities. The WBM design addresses the issues of machine stability, bellcrank interference and operator visibility.


  • Increased spill guard or back sheet length
  • High strength to weight design
  • Large mesh windows
  • Tapered or flat bottom design
  • Base edge is drilled to accept OEM bolt-on edges
  • Bucket capacities are designed per SAE J742 and are based on heaped capacities
  • Available in a wide variety of widths and capacities
  • Proven profile provides optimal material handling and loading capability while maximizing bucket capacity
  • Excellent operator visibility
  • Increased machine efficiency during loading
  • OEM drill pattern enables dealer after market parts sales


  • 450 Brinell base edge, leading edge, weld-on heel plates, auxiliary side strip and weld-on side seam (wrap around) wear plates
  • 44,000 psi yield shell, strongback (frog) and side plates
  • Structural tube or formed steel window frames with woven wire mesh screens
  • Interior shell and spill guard stiffeners


  • Bolt-on cutting edges
  • Bonus style lugs


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