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Masted Snow Wings WBM Masted Snow Wings are an excellent tool for clearing snow from roadways. Snow is transferred from the grader moldboard to the snow wing and ‘cast’ into the ditch. Snow Wings are also used in early snowfall conditions to clear the ditch of high grass or debris to control drifting conditions. Another very common Snow Wing operation in high snowfall areas is ‘benching’ – raising the moldboard (parallel to the ground) to ‘cast’ or ‘wing’ the tops of high snow banks along road or above guardrails.


  • Outstanding bench height capability
  • Mechanical and hydraulic float
  • Efficient moldboard design
  • Blade curvature geometry greatly improves ‘winging’ characteristics for superior snow-clearing
  • Positive down pressure can be applied along entire moldboard for applications such as ice removal
  • Front and rear mounts with a compact mast assembly offer greater visibility
  • Full grader articulation
  • Spring loaded shock absorbing push pole can be manually adjusted to change the sweep angle of the wing to the optimum position for all conditions
  • Blade height is hydraulically controlled and allows down pressure to be applied to the tip in normal winging conditions, as well as lifting the blade to its transport position


  • 12 ft ‘performance’ moldboard
  • 38” bench height
  • Hydraulic front mast
  • Manual extendable pushpole


  • Manual or hydraulic moldboard pitch control
  • Hydraulic extendable pushpole
  • Hydraulic elevating rear mast (52” bench height)



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