V-Plows WBM V-Plows are designed for initial path clearing on snow-drifted roads. The unique ‘V’ shape provides a wedge action to breakup hard-packed snow and cast it to the sides of the grader. The aggressive curvature allows snow to be rolled and discharged quicker and further, while forcing the blade to carry less snow during operation.


  • Strong tubular frame is able to withstand clearing high impact heavy/high snow
  • Proven radius ‘V’ wing profile and angle
  • Available in 8’8” or 10’10” cutting widths
  • Adjustable skid shoes increase service life and plow stability
  • Optional high abrasion cutting edges (ie: carbide) for high wear and extreme conditions
  • Comes standard with KAT lugging
  • Blade height has been redesigned to improve visibility
  • Reduced overall transport width of the plow
  • Increased durability to withstand impact in heavy or high snow areas during clearing operations
  • Excellent initial drift breaking capability combined with superior side snow casting ability
  • 8’8” cutting width covers most small to medium size grader widths over tires
  • 10’10” cutting width covers most medium to large size grader widths over tires
  • Replaceable top-drilled cutting edges promote long service life
  • Contoured leading edge better separates snow to the sides



*Due to the highly customizable nature of our products, some of the images shown on our website may not depict our standard offerings.
Your heavy equipment dealer or WBM representative can provide details and related specifications for all of our products.

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