WL Cut-to-Length (CTL) Log Grapple

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WBM Cut-to-Length (Shortwood) Grapples are designed to match your machine, payload, efficiency and performance into one package: perfect for truck unloading and forwarding wood to the mill.


  • Grapple and overarm profile allows easy flow of logs in and out of the grapple for maximum efficiency
  • Torque tube design gives excellent visibility as well as exceptional torsional strength
  • Pin joints are bored after welding to eliminate any misalignment and optimize life expectancy
  • 3-piece (segmented) skid/wear plate on underside of tines - maintenance cost is reduced, only replace the worn areas as required
  • Nose piece - joins to a cross tube and full box section corners for increased strength and wear bar to protect leading edge


  • Bolt-on cutting edge between the tines allows for easy clean up around the yard
  • Overarm "log dogs" for handling single crossed longs
  • Crossover relief c/w make up for maximum cylinder and joint protection
  • "Power bar(s)" to optimize machine lift and performance


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