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WBM’s High Capacity Cut-to-Length Grapples (formerly known as Pelican Shortwood Grapples) are designed for single pass loading/unloading in barge and mill yard applications.


  • Grapple profile and large envelope designed to suit wood length and trailer bunk size (on/off highway)
  • Great for large capacity log handling or sorting with tip-to-tip precision
  • Excellent visibility for the operator QT 100 (alloy) material and box-type construction provides strength and durability, with lightweight design
  • Enclosed dual overarm hydraulic cylinders provide positive holding and load stabilizing
  • One-piece wear plate on shoes
  • LED work lights
  • Ground level remote greasing to main hinge points through overarm
  • Low profile high-strength tines provide excellent clearance to bunks
  • Square overarm with split nose piece


  • High pressure dual hydraulic cylinders
  • Conveyor style hold down chain
  • Weld-on (EN 30B) round bar tips
  • OEM pin-on lugs
  • Tines can be pinned (rigid) or unpinned (floating)


  • Bolt-on cutting edge between tines to enable grapple to be used for yard clean up
  • Tapered overarm with split nose piece



*Due to the highly customizable nature of our products, some of the images shown on our website may not depict our standard offerings.
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