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WBM Wheel Loader Tree Length Log Grapples have been recognized as the staple in unloading and loading tree length wood. By using heavy-duty welded box construction in the shoe weldments and overarm, the grapple is capable of maximizing payload while maintaining excellent load stabilization in rough or uneven terrain. Versatility is achieved through the ability to handle large loads or to sort wood one log at a time.


  • Heavy duty welded box-type construction of overarm and shoe
  • Open center section with guarding
  • Enclosed dual overarm cylinders
  • Weld-on wear plate on shoes
  • Excellent strength to weight ratio in design maximizes payload
  • Increased visibility for operator, and appropriate guarding to prevent damage
  • Increased wear resistance to shoe weldment
  • Includes “log-dogs”, or tangs for handling single broken logs


  • Heavy duty, dual hydraulic cylinders
  • Pin-on replaceable tips
  • OEM pin-on lugs
  • Replaceable bottom wear plate


  • High lift lugs for high reach capabilities
  • WBM KAT lugging
  • 3 and 4 tine options for handling cut to length wood as well as tree length
  • Bolt-on cutting edge that acts as a dozer blade for yard cleaning
  • Weld-on replaceable tips


*Due to the highly customizable nature of our products, some of the images shown on our website may not depict our standard offerings.
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