MG Hydraulic Mastless Snow Wing (MSW100)

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WBM Mastless Snow Wings (MSW100) provide an additional safety aspect with the ability to open both doors of the cab when the wing is mounted. Mechanical and Hydraulic float at the discharge (toe) and mechanical float at the intake (heel) of the moldboard give an increased life cycle and easier operator usage when experiencing uneven or rough terrain. The MSW’s compact design significantly improves the grader’s blade angle during operation, allowing for full machine articulation.


  • Exceptional operator visibility
  • Unobstructed view to grader moldboard
  • Increased safety
  • Mechanical and hydraulic float
  • Maximizes operator visibility, increasing safety awareness in traffic
  • Efficient moldboard design
  • Superior grader control and maneuverability in congested areas
  • Moldboard geometry greatly improves ‘winging’ characteristics for superior snow-clearing
  • Two-piece rear mount enables bumper to remain on during summer operation


  • 12' ‘performance’ moldboard
  • 30” bench height
  • Hydraulic front lift mechanism
  • Manual extendable pushpole


  • Manual Adjustable Moldboard Pitch Control
  • Hydraulic Extendable Pushpole
  • Hydraulic Adjustable Moldboard Pitch Control
A Standard Wing requires two sets of proportionally actuated machine auxiliary hydraulics (2750-2500 psi @ 10-30 gpm).
The auxiliary valve section controlling the push pole requires float capability. For each optional wing function (HPP, HPA, ERB) one additional set of machine auxiliary hydraulics is required.



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