Tough Attachments Built for Tough Environments

This WBM Cable Reeler is ready to ship back to the customer after being given a second life. Often, when a WBM attachment outlives its original carrier, our team can make any necessary adjustments to fit-up to the next one. 

Tough attachments

Not only have WBM attachments been known to live through more than one carrier at times, but there have also been cases when a WBM attachment survives (with barely a scratch) a machine-destroying crash or roll over. At Weldco-Beales Manufacturing, customers can be confident that they will always receive the highest quality product, built tough to endure even the harshest conditions. Each attachment is designed and manufactured to provide enhanced durability and performance so you get the best long-lasting return from your product.

2018 NAIT Alumni Awards

Tough attachments












Congratulations to NAIT’s 2018 Alumni Award recipients, Kathy Le, Carolyn Kincade, Ronda Gras, and Weldco Companies’ President, Darren Lunt! Each year, these awards recognize NAIT alumni for their outstanding accomplishments and continued support for NAIT and the community.

NAIT’s most prestigious alumni award, the Alumni Award of Distinction was granted to Darren Lunt. The award recognizes his professional success along with his dedication and contributions to NAIT’s JR Shaw School of Business. As a member of both the Management and Marketing program advisory committees, Darren aims to ensure that NAIT continues to provide students with the skills and tools that employers seek. He also regularly contributes case studies to the sales management class curriculum to give students practical experience analyzing and strategizing for real scenarios.

“I am very proud of my association with NAIT, both as an alumnus and as an industry partner. NAIT’s focus on providing employer-driven, hands-on, practical education has directly impacted the development of an incredible talent pool that crosses all aspects of my organization. Our Alberta operations are proudly represented by many NAIT Ooks. The value I personally received from NAIT drives me to give back where I can. Much of the success I’ve enjoyed throughout my career can be directly linked back to the start NAIT provided.” – Darren Lunt, President of Weldco Companies

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