Weldco-Beales Mfg. Embraces the Future of Bluetooth® Smart-Tag Technology

Since 1945, Weldco has been your trusted partner in heavy steel industrial product design, manufacturing, service, and support. We have attributed our success to our unwavering commitment to our customers and our dedicated efforts and investments in product innovation and technology. We are proud to share an exciting new product announcement:

Weldco Tech, the newest division of the Weldco-Beales Mfg. (WBM), is excited to introduce their newly patent-pending product, the Weldco Smart-Tag: the future of Bluetooth® attachment tracking.

Customer satisfaction is paramount to Weldco, and we have recognized the many value-added capabilities that this Bluetooth® technology can bring to the table.

  • Smart-Tags are pre-loaded with key WBM attachment information: Serial Tag Data, Parts Books, Installation & Maintenance Guides and Pre-Ship images.
  • Beyond static embedded attachment information, customers can also track their attachment’s movement, current location with secure & encrypted access via Weldco Smart-Tag App. Automated shipping notifications can also be enabled with those participating customers who wish to take advantage of the technologies interface with our manufacturing facilities.
  • In addition to asset tracking, the Smart-Tag brings real-time condition monitoring data to track your mining equipment and components. By strategic placement of the Smart-Tag we can collect key data such as temperature, G-Force impact, and cycle times.

All attachments manufactured by WBM are now equipped with Smart-Tags.  For more information, visit www.weldcotech.com or ask your WBM representative for more information about Weldco Smart-Tags and the Smart-Tag App.

COVID-19 Communication

July 5, 2021 Update:

Provincial health authorities have started to relax Covid-19 restrictions. Despite this, we will continue to follow the established protocols Weldco put in place until (at minimum) September 3, 2021. This includes the wearing of masks within the workplace, completing the pre-work health screening questionnaire, limiting gatherings, and maintaining social distancing where possible.

As we start to welcome back more administrative team members into the office environment, we are committed to minimizing the potential risk of a Covid-19 infection. We prefer to err of the side of caution over the next couple of months rather than take any unnecessary risks.

Optimism is growing that a return to “normal” is very close. As an organization we have adapted extremely well to the disruptions of the pandemic. We have embraced some new best practices that will likely get adopted as our new go forward standard operating procedure. These will be formalized over the next few weeks before being implemented.

Once again, thank you for your commitment to keep yourself and our staff safe.

March 20, 2020 Update:

To our Valued Dealers and Partners, 

We, like you, are quickly adapting to the changing pandemic environment. During this time we are committed to communicating regularly with you the actions we are taking to respond.

The current effort to flatten the infection curve to minimize the impact on our healthcare system is critical. We all play a role in this, and we are taking it very seriously.

To this end, Weldco has implemented the following steps to ensure the well-being of those we work with:

  • We implemented a return to work policy for all employees who travelled outside of Canada that requires self-isolate for 14 days.
  • Employees are to stay home if they experience any sign of illness.
  • Social distancing practices are implemented in the office, shop and common areas.
  • Increased cleaning and sanitization of our workplace is being conducted.
  • Visitor screening protocols is being enforced.
  • Our Outside Account Managers are not visiting our customers in person, but are committed to support them by phone, e-mail, text or video conference.
  • Office and admin staff able to work remote have been deployed to work from home.

All our Weldco-Beales Manufacturing facilities are operating at the current time, which includes Edmonton (Alberta), Langley (British Columbia) and Barrie (Ontario).  Our Oil Sand repair and refurbishment shop in Fort McKay (Alberta) is also fully operational.

We will pull through this by working together and following the directions mandated by our health experts. Let’s all continue to:

  • Practice Social Distancing
  • Self-isolate if feeling sick
  • Wash hands frequently
  • Cover coughs and sneezes
  • Avoid touching the face

Take care,

Darren Lunt,
President, Weldco Companies